With the mushrooming of different companies and their offices worldwide, it becomes difficult for the organizations to find sufficient space for their establishments. This has given rise to the concept of co-working. It is the latest trend in the corporate world that involves the sharing of office space. This strategy is developed mainly by the start-ups, new entrepreneurs and freelancers who cannot afford separate spaces for their initiatives. The concept of co-working does not only allow the different businesses to share their office space but also promotes a mutual exchange of ideas, contacts and more. It helps them to get benefitted from each other and is thus in rage among many of today’s entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you must have felt the need for a support by your side that will no more let you feel alone in the business world. A collaboration of different start-ups can be a good way to achieve this. If they are from the same genre, they can go for the exchange of ideas with each other. On the other hand, if they are from different genres, they can promote each other or become associate partners. Why is co-working a better option than renting out for entrepreneurs? Co-working proves to be better than renting out in a number of ways- • Cost-effectiveness: Co-working is a more economic option as compared to renting out. It will be easier for you to afford a shared space than to go for rents.

• Easy Set-up: It is easier to set up your office in case of co-working than in case of a rented one since the basic arrangements are usually in-built. Phone, internet and other infrastructural facilities are available and you are all set to go!

• Positive Vibes: Venturing out with the other start-ups in the same building will be a great idea. It will give you the assurance that there are more people in the same situation as you and will motivate you for your work.

• Flexibility: Co-working office spaces come with a lot of flexibility. If you expand your business and need more space for the same, it will be possible for you to achieve this in an easier way. It would not have been this easy in case you rented an office space.

• Creating Contacts: Co-working will never let you feel alone as a new entrepreneur and you will get all the necessary support from the other entrepreneurs. You will be able to get more opportunities for networking and create contacts. If you are looking for a co-working platform, Starthub can be a great choice for you.

A vision of Starthub: Starthub aims at creating a “robust startup ecosystem” based in Pune where the new, fledgling companies of various genres will be able to establish networks with each other and benefit from the same. It is one of the few organizations in the country to have planned such a unique thing. Starthub has a number of edtech, healthcare, food retail, technical and Human Resource companies associated with it and also has its ties with “Supercharger”- a fin tech accelerator program of Hong Kong.

It gives the entrepreneurs a great platform to grow and welcomes investors to invest in some of the biggest initiatives in the country. With all its resources and the brand names registered with it, Starthub is likely to become the leading name among the start-up networks in Pune and eventually in India!

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